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Birdlight: International Best Seller

BIRDLIGHT Freeing Your Authentic Creativity


My heartfelt thanks to all who have supported the highly successful launch of Birdlight: Freeing Your Authentic Creativity!

On Tuesday, the book reached #1 in three categories on, and it hit the Best Seller List in the U.S., making it an International Best Seller within hours of its launch. By Wednesday morning, Birdlight had broken the top 50 of all books (in all categories) sold on Kindle in Canada, at #35.

I share this news in gratitude for the beautiful communities this work has led me to! I could not have done this without you.

This book came to me in an hour of darkness. It came as a series of thoughts giving way to light, a series of birds, a gift, not just for me, but for others like me navigating obstacles in the creative process.

We are, every one of us, powerful creators, and each day we have an opportunity to create by design. This book frees you to do just that.

One of my great joys in bringing Birdlight into form has been engaging with other creative souls who have each brought their own artistry and unique gifts to the work. Once a book is in print, there is no such thing as a “solo artist” behind it. This was a team effort.

To community and artistry, and to singing the song you came to sing.



P.S. On my website you’ll find my new Birdlight Book page which tells you more about the book. There you’ll also find my FREE gift to you – an audio visualization excerpt from the forthcoming Birdlight audio book which will be released shortly after the paperback in 2016. Simply fill in the fields to receive your MP3 download today. Enjoy!

Birdlight Book Launch Today!

Birdlight Cover

It’s today!
Weaving memoir, folklore, drama, and poetry with the power of brain science to shed light on the creative process, this warm and friendly guide is a must-read for budding artists, innovators, and decision makers at any age and from any walk of life.
  • If you know in your heart that it’s time to finally act upon that creative calling you feel deep down inside…
  • If you tend to begin great creative projects but never finish them, stalling as your energy, enthusiasm, and vision fade…
  • If you ever see yourself as an “uncreative person” and you’d love to free the creative spirit that’s been locked up inside too long…

Then Birdlight is written just for you!

Today is the launch of the electronic version!

Here’s How You Can Help …

If enough people get a copy TODAY, there is a great chance of getting the book onto the best seller list, helping to spread its message of creative courage, confidence, and empowerment.

As a thank-you for supporting the message, on book launch day there is a Special Friends & Family Price of Just $1.30 CAD and .99 cents USD for the Kindle edition.

Remember this is TODAY ONLY – so please act right now; it’ll only take a minute.

Please click the image or link to get your copy now.

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United States

Thank you for your support in making this vision come true! I appreciate you.

 To Your Beautiful Creative Vision!
P.S. Check out my new Birdlight Book Page for more info.
Here again are the links to order the book:

Why Birdlight is for You

I am delighted to share that tomorrow, Tuesday, May 31st, is the launch of Birdlight: Freeing Your Authentic Creativity.

Here is a short video I made for you, the third in the Birdlight series. In this one I talk about why this book is such a great fit for you!

Thanks to those who’ve sent me such lovely messages of anticipation and congratulations. Writing Birdlight has been a labor of love, and I can hardly wait for Tuesday’s Launch Day Special Announcement!

Here’s to Opening Your Gifts!



P.S. I invite you to hop onto my Facebook page and join the Birdlight Online E-Book Launch event. It’s open now, with lots to check out and more news and pictures to come soon!

The 7 Birds of Transformation


What is this book is about? Why “Birdlight”? And why does it matter to you? In this second of three videos, I explain.

Birdlight: Freeing Your Authentic Creativity launches on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016. Look for the third video installment and more launch day details soon.

To Your Creative Vision and Fulfillment!




Increase Your Sense of Deserving


This week’s Life Mastery Institute post is short and sweet, and also foundational in dream building. I share it in a spirit of gratitude, camaraderie, and respect as a fellow traveller on the road of Life. Because even a “long” human life is brief, you and your dream must be worthy of your most valuable currency: your time.

 A worthy dream gives you Life. A worthy dream aligns with your core values and holds gifts for others. A worthy dream holds mysteries: you will not see all the steps at once. It requires faith and action.  A worthy dream causes you to grow.

You and I cannot out-perform our own self-image. In order to build what is truly beautiful and life-giving, and to grow in the process, we must feel deserving of our dream.

Feeling deserving is not the same as feeling a false sense of entitlement. It does not mean considering oneself more valuable or worthy than others. It means being open to receiving the goodness and abundance that are ours by nature.

Here is the LMI post…

In order to manifest our dreams, we need to align our self-image with the life we would love living.

If your sense of deserving isn’t wide and deep enough to hold your dream, you will fall short.

How do you know if you deserve your dream?  If you are breathing, you deserve to have your heart’s desire.  Simply by virtue of you being alive you are worthy and deserving of your dream.

You wouldn’t feel the longing if you didn’t have the capacity to manifest your dream.

Here are THREE keys to increasing your sense of deserving:

1. Focus on the good.

Circumstances are bad only if you perceive them as such.  Instead of panicking when life appears to throw you a curve, wait and invite your Higher Power (the Universe, Life, God, your Source – whatever “Higher Power” means to you) to reveal the good.  Then give yourself the benefit of the doubt.  You are naturally good because a force far greater than you, and also part of you, called you into Life.

2. Let go of past mistakes.

It’s hard to move confidently into the life you have imagined if you are lugging deadweight.  When you persist in carrying the baggage of your childhood, your shame or your belief that you are unlovable, you have no room for greater possibility.  Let go of encumbrances by identifying and releasing your own deadweight.

3. Practice gratitude to increase your sense of deserving.

An “attitude of gratitude” enables you to construct your dream on a solid foundation of deserving.  Begin by spending a day giving thanks to those you’ve criticized.  From there, build a pattern of daily gratitude.  When we begin to appreciate those we once condemned or took for granted, the field around the object of our appreciation broadens, attracting to itself even greater good.

When you practice these three principles, you will feel your sense of deserving expand and you’ll begin to see unexpected good things flow into your life.

You Are Worthy!


P.S. Want support in discovering and building your dreams?

In between my coaching and speaking schedule, I carve out a few strategy sessions each month.  If you would like a complimentary strategy session (Value = $250), simply contact me here.

Engage Your Lionheart


Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” – Helen Keller

When I was a child I experienced frequent nightmares. My fear was raw, and my anxiety palpable. The cycle felt cruelly inescapable. Usually in dreams I found myself stepping into a shadowy world alone, and then suddenly facing monsters that looked something like the lion pictured above; only the monsters were scarier.

All my wailing and moaning inevitably brought my mum who turned on lights, opened doors, and searched under the bed. She checked the corners and she comforted me. “Everything’s fine,” Mum always said. “Everything’s normal.”


I remember the dissipating terror, downgraded to a state of lingering unease… petering out… until gradually I fell asleep again.

Undoubtedly you have childhood memories of feeling desperately afraid at times. Perhaps as I did, you sought the comfort of “normal” and found it in the flip of a switch, the voice of a loved one. As you and I know, that’s a best-case scenario.

Like many children, one of the ideas I absorbed early was the belief that normal equalled safe.

As Helen Keller reminds us in the epigraph, that equation is illusory. Sometimes what appears to be routine, ordinary, and predictable, turns out to be high-risk. In life there are no guarantees.

My purpose in writing this is not to fuel fear, but to transmute it into something expansive and life-affirming. Always we have the potential to take action for something beautiful, despite our fears and conditions.

This week in particular, our world could use more life-affirming messages.

My topic this week is shifting paradigms: altering those habituated thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours we all develop – patterns most deeply ingrained from ages 0 to 6.

Paradigms function like magnets, attracting more of the same into our lives. Shifting beyond the pull of old habits requires work. It requires action.

First, we must decide to make the shift.

In order to grow into the next version of ourselves, you and I must be willing to do whatever it takes to overcome the pull of memories and patterns that no longer serve us.

When we commit to release an outmoded way of being – to define and live from a vision and embrace the new – we unavoidably summon old inner monsters that “roar” at our disturbance of the status quo.

What do those roars sound like in an adult’s mind?

The inner messaging may at times be less dramatic than that of a child’s nightmare, yet it’s much more powerful: statements of self-criticism and doubt; limiting mantras tied to finance, self-image, and personal history; expressions of fear and futility; sarcastic quips; angry sighs of low self-worth – and worse, the outrage that destroys. Unchecked and unchanged, those messages have the potential to determine events and entire life stories.

It doesn’t need to be that way with you.

What if, all this time, your old limiting messages have actually been calling out to be transformed? What if the lion that roars within you is for you? What if you have, at your command, a lionheart of courage?

What if the Universe has been waiting to build with you and through you? What if this world is waiting for your dream – yes yours – because your vision matters!

Here are THREE steps you can take today in order to bring your vision right into existence:

1. Take a moment right now to list THREE old patterns that no longer align with the person you desire to be. What patterns of thought, belief and/or behaviour can you release right now in order to bring your dream into being? Write them down. Make a decision to replace them with positive patterns that serve you. Make it a habit to be the person you dream of being – right here, right now.

2. Give yourself wins here and now for THREE patterns of thought, belief, and behaviour that already serve you and others well. And by all means, extend this list! Everyday give yourself wins for personal victories, big and small. Remember that “small” is a matter of perspective. A win is a win.

3. Write your vision of the life you would love, and with your heart of courage sign your name to it! Know who you are and what you desire to create in your valuable time. Commit to doing one thing each day to move you closer to your dream.

Because your life is a daring adventure.

And you have the power to write Love’s name on it.


P.S. If you find changing habits and results difficult, contact me. I specialize in helping people shift old patterns so they can be who they truly are, and do and have what they’d truly love. I can help you!


The Freedom to Choose Again


Here is a November rose. Whole bushes were blooming at the edge of a shopping mall parking lot last Sunday, as I fumbled in the cold for my camera.


A rose doesn’t cower in the presence of conditions. It doesn’t say, “It’s November – do I dare create another flower?”


“I’ve done enough already!”


“It might be too cold – I might be too old – for a new round of colour at this point…”


“I just don’t think I have the resources.”

A rose doesn’t say, “I can’t make more flowers now because they won’t be perfect.”

It doesn’t worry, “What if my blooms aren’t as good as the ones on that bush over there?”


“What if I get hurt, or WORSE – What if I fail and others laugh at me?”


“There’s no point in trying again because my flowers never get noticed…”


“Okay, I’ll do it! Just not right now. I’ll wait to bloom when it’s more convenient.”

Of course, roses are not human. They simply flower.

At the edge of a city lot, the rose pictured here has no choice but to bloom through three seasons, pause for one, and bloom again. No limiting thoughts, no fear. No options.

You and I, on the other hand – we do have options. We make choices all the time, even when we forget we’re making them. We are constantly creating with our powerful minds, either consciously or unconsciously. And we get to choose whether we create by design or default.

One of the ways people inadvertently create by default is by constantly, unquestioningly, adhering to limiting thoughts and beliefs. Those old patterns of thought perpetuate limiting habits. More of the same creates more of the same: a kind of trance.

Dreams are nipped in the bud.

We don’t arrive in this world with limiting beliefs. They’re conditioned into us – and often by the nicest of people. People who love us. People who seek to protect us at all costs. Beautiful, intelligent, respectable people.

Yet the age-old message?

Better to play small and safe than to play full out. Better to let conditions dictate, than to live from a vision of the life you truly feel called to live.

The effect?

We contract even as we yearn to grow.

Then we harden.

We start to believe that we’re a personality, and not a soul – that we’re a degree (or not), a house (or not), a profession (or not), a relationship (or not), a sizable bank account (or not), a string of titles (or not), and, dare I say, a brand…

Notice the flower in this picture. It will never shrink back into the bud. It can’t. And neither will you and I once we’ve made the choice to step into a fuller version of aliveness.

An emblem of love, this hardy flower reminds us there is no greater moment to be in than right now.

Right now you and I are in the only moment there is. A moment of freedom. And we really do have the freedom to choose again – and to choose differently than before, if that’s what we desire.

Next week I’ll write more on shifting beyond old “paradigms” – those limiting thoughts, beliefs, and habits that get in the way of our full blooming. I’ll share tips for living more freely and aligned with your core sense of purpose.

In the meantime, I encourage you to create TWO new practices:

1. Define a vision for the life you’d truly love to live. Write it down and commit to making your vision statement an evolving document for an evolving life.

2. When old patterns surface – when you hear yourself repeating negative, limiting self-talk – replace the old with the new. Create empowering and expansive messages, and repeat them daily. Write a new script for a new version of you, and for a freer, more fulfilling and expansive life.

What would feel better, more meaningful, and more life-giving to you right now?

What gifts have you come here to give?

When you ask, “What would I love?” you are speaking to your Soul.

Let it answer you in flowers.


Roxanne Goodman: Sing Your Song!


Confidence is a topic near and dear to my heart. In my experiences with a great many talented people over the years, I’ve come to view confidence as a crucial factor in determining creative success. We are all creative beings! And we all have the ability to increase our self-confidence in service of worthy goals and dreams.

Helping others believe in the power within them brings me nothing short of JOY, as does beholding their delight in achieving measurable results.

Today’s interview guest, Roxanne Goodman, understands this completely.

Roxanne’s book, Confidence Booster: Rising Higherlaunches on September 30th. In her work, she focuses on using singing as a medium for helping people develop confidence. An accomplished vocalist, teacher, composer, singing coach, motivational speaker, and author, Roxanne is committed to helping others find their true voice.

Did this come to her naturally?

Well, yes. And no

The “no” is, in part, what makes her story so compelling.

In our interview, find out about Roxanne’s transformation and the tips she shares which could change YOUR life forever.

You don’t have to be a singer to “sing” Your Song…

Enjoy the podcast here!

My thanks to Roxanne Goodman for her energy, artistry, and light. And as usual, thanks to Katie McBride for Creative Calls music and technical support. You ladies rock the house.

Have a wonderful week!


Accessing Your Genius


Weeks ago, in a moment of serendipity, I met a young mother and her four-month-old baby whose tiny hand is now featured in the photograph above. I explained to the little girl’s mother that I’d been looking for a baby picture for my blog. We chuckled as I did my best to capture anything in focus while the infant wriggled. Every fiber in that child was alive with purpose, and clearly her efforts had nothing to do with mine! I am now most grateful for the hastily snapped, slightly over-exposed shot you see here.

For me, this particular image declared itself, because in Dream Building we often say, “Hold your Dream with an open palm.” That means create on purpose, and when you do, ask for “This: or something greater still.” Sometimes the “something greater still” makes all the difference.

The Life Mastery Institute post I share with you today is one that’s stayed with me for several years now. It’s about our genius capacity, and how we access it freely as infants. Moreover, it’s about how we have opportunities to access it our whole life through; yet so many of us are raised (albeit lovingly) to be conditioned and swayed by external circumstances. Taking cues from a current set of facts, instead of from a vision, often means not realizing true genius potential.

It is possible to create your life differently!

Life is a precious, unrepeatable series of moments. Every day we have an opportunity to consciously create our experience from a vision. When we lose someone we love, we are reminded of the finite nature of our time here…

With the recent passing of a beloved teacher, Dr. Wayne Dyer, I’m reminded of what a gift it is when a human being fully embraces the call to live into his or her own genius capacity – not in ego-driven, self-aggrandizing ways, but in sincere and unflinching efforts to contribute meaningfully from a place of inner truth.

Emerson said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

When even one of us does that, it helps us all.

My wish for the beautiful little baby with the open palm is that she will grow into the person she feels truly called to be. My wish for you is that you trust in your unique abilities, your voice of inner knowing, and the greatness that is – and always has been – your birthright.

Here is the Life Mastery Institute post:

There was a study done recently at Harvard called the Zero Point study that was a ten year study on genius.


The genius capacity is demonstrated by certain individuals who bring forth great ideas, transformational thinking, movement, social change, innovative ideas that transform and transpose us to a whole new height of living.


What is this capacity?


The researchers began to define genius as the number of modalities with which one takes in information, synthesizes that information and makes use of it.


So you and I have many modalities with which we can take in information — auditorally, visually, kinesthetically, intuitively, etc.


But what they discovered was that 99% of babies — 99% of you and me — operate at a genius capacity during the first eighteen months of life.


By the time we are five, only 22% of us are still operating at our genius capacity.


By the time we are twenty only 2% of us are still operating at a genius capacity.


What happens to us?


What they discovered in their research is that the shutting down of our capacities, the distancing of ourselves from our Genius Self, happens through the learned voice of internal judgment.


We begin to doubt ourselves. We begin to question ourselves. We begin to look into other peoples’ eyes for who we are, for approval, for permission.


You have genius capacities in you.  Today, connect to that genius.  Trust your genius, and believe in the power of your dreams.


Here is a related post by Dr. Wayne Dyer on 9 Habits of Creative Genius. May his legacy live on!

To Your Genius Self!


P.S. Want support in discovering and building your dreams?

In between my coaching and speaking schedule, I carve out several strategy sessions each month.  If you would like a complimentary strategy session (Value = $250), simply contact me here.

Decide for Your Dream



The single most important factor in determining a person’s creative success is confidence. I chose “Building Confidence, Freeing Creativity” as the tagline for my coaching business because experience has taught me we must act with conviction to bring dreams into reality. Confidence and dream-building require the right seeds and tending. You can’t scatter grass seeds and expect to yield tomatoes. Similarly, growing confidence requires right action. Build your confidence by leveraging one of your greatest powers: the ability to make clear decisions.

Increase your level of success in consciously creating a life you would love – and start right now! Simply decide to release old patterns that don’t serve you anymore. And follow through.

Here are three guideposts to keep in mind as you take action today:

1. Know your enemy: Indecision

One of my favourite writers on the subject of empowered decision-making is Raymond Charles Barker. In The Power of Decision, Barker makes a strong connection between worry and indecision. He asserts, “Every failure-motivated mind has been an indecisive mind.” Bob Proctor, another luminary on this vital topic, points out that indecision sets up internal conflicts and leads to ambivalence: “A very basic law of the Universe is ‘create or disintegrate.’ Indecision causes disintegration.”

In his landmark study of success, Think and Grow Rich, pioneering self-help writer Napoleon Hill refers to procrastination as “the common enemy.” If you procrastinate on a decision, know that you are really making a decision to fail.

Decision-making is not something you can avoid. Moreover, it is something to be embraced.

So why do people fail at making strong, clear decisions?

We know that low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence are directly linked with indecision. Yet so many of us procrastinate. That was often my pattern before I chose to study with great coaches, advance my training in personal development, and create more consistently by design. I was ready to change and grow.

With that said, is it still possible for me to backslide in decision-making? You bet. For any of us, even those with exceptional success stories, the practice of making firm, clear decisions requires awareness and ongoing work. It requires deciding to be an effective adult, and choosing to keep our own counsel, rather than relying on approval from others.

Barker invites each one of us to be a “today person” – one not bound by the past and old patterns of seeking external validation. As children, he says, many of us were afraid of making mistakes due to our emotional ties to our parents and our perceived need to please them:  “The adult who is indecisive is a person who is still subconsciously afraid that what he or she may do will not please some past symbol in his mind. Too often, the past still rules the present. Usually it is so camouflaged in the subconscious that the individual is completely unaware of it.” An adult who hasn’t shaken the old pattern of seeking external validation continues in the drain of uncertainty. “His day lacks lustre, his hours have no fascination in them, and he wearies in his supposed well-doing.”

This person needs to make a decision of his own.

2. Know the benefits of strong decision-making

Here are a few:

  • Greater confidence
  • The elimination of inner conflict and confusion, and thus, greater clarity and peace
  • Greater mental health as we release guilt around striving to please others
  • A stronger self-image and higher self-esteem
  • Increased prosperity
  • A higher rate of success
  • The ability to bring forth something new and valuable – in short, greater conscious creativity

Hill reminds us, “Those who reach decisions promptly, and definitely, know what they want, and generally get it… The world has a habit of making room for people whose words and actions show they know where they are going.

3. Adopt the behaviours of strong decision-makers

My mentor in transformation, Mary Morrissey, often teaches that the word decide means to “cut away from.” Once you’ve defined a vision of the life you would love, even one area, learn to cut away all that isn’t coherent with your vision.

Things to practise:

  • Notice if and when you are ambivalent, and decide to stop it
  • “Decide right where you are with whatever you’ve got” (Proctor)
  • Know what you want and assume you can do it, as “This assumption is decision” (Barker)
  • Know the value of decisions depends upon courage; the greatest decisions have often involved great risks
  • Learn to “Expect, Plan, and Demand” (Hill)

What creative dream or endeavour can you decide for, right now? Go for it! Make up your mind to be fulfilled, successful, and confident in your decision!

And remember: The most successful people get coaching support in making their visions into realities. What support are you willing to decide for right now? For a consultation, contact me here.


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