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…INSTANTLY You gain greater Clarity of Vision, feel more Calm, Confident and Purposeful, and experience an expansive sense of Connection to Your Creative Source

Congratulations on your choice to download this uplifting audio visualization, Transformations, an excerpt from Robin Blackburn McBride’s Birdlight: Freeing Your Authentic Creativity – yours absolutely FREE!

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“Transformations” guides you purposefully through a lucid dream script designed to support personal growth. In the process, you take flight — until you’re soaring to new heights of clarity and intention. You invite and discover powerful ideas aligned with your own unique sense of mission. What you gain serves you in the Here and Now.

Use this audio visualization to access your imagination and tap into and direct your own powerful source of creativity.

Have this recording handy for a calm and effortless inspirational lift any time!



Listen to it once a day for 30 days to …

  • Boost your creative confidence and become more resilient to outside, negative influences
  • Feel more centered, empowered, and purposeful
  • Soar with greater ease and perspective
  • Radiate greater warmth and love, and feel the same coming back to you from the world
  • Clarify and intensify your vision of where your life is heading
  • Experience greater joy in Life, boldly setting out each day to experience all the richness the world has to offer
  • Feel an increase in your level of wellness and vitality
  • Sense a greater oneness with your Creative Source, and your surroundings

Enjoy this Audio Visualization first thing in the morning, and greet your day with clarity and passion. Or right before bed to deeply relax and set the tone for dreaming.

Just enter your first and last names and best e-mail address in the boxes below…

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