Self Help Book: Birdlight

Freeing Your Authentic Creativity

In the tradition of Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way series, and the writings of Elizabeth Gilbert, Birdlight is easily in a class all its own thanks to Robin Blackburn McBride’s deep, intuitive understanding of the creative process and how to spark it into life.

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Weaving memoir, folklore, drama, and poetry with the power of brain science to shed light on the creative process, this warm and friendly guide is a must-read for budding artists, innovators, and decision makers at any age and from any walk of life.

  • If you know in your heart that it’s time to finally act upon that creative calling you feel deep down inside…
  • If you tend to begin great creative projects but never finish them, stalling as your energy, enthusiasm, and vision fade…
  • If you ever see yourself as an “uncreative person” and you’d love to free the creative spirit that’s been locked up inside too long…

Then Birdlight is written just for you!

In this book you’ll discover how to tap into that spiritual core which is the source of all creativity. You’ll align yourself with your own deep-seated sense of meaning and purpose and then apply these principles and strategies to not just your “art” but your career, your family – in fact, to EVERY area of your life!

And that’s when life itself begins to get easier – because you’re more inspired, productive, and fulfilled, and because every day becomes a gift.

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Here’s what people are saying about BIRDLIGHT:

I loved this book. As soon as I finished it (in one sitting) I wanted to re-read it and immediately dive into the exercises. Robin’s disarming and intimate prose is the next best thing to having your personal life coach beside you whispering encouragement in your ear. If you are a creative person, or think you are or wish you could be, Birdlight will help you define your life journey with confidence.

– Simon Choa-Johnston Playwright, Theatre Director, and Author of The House of Wives

Robin Blackburn McBride demonstrates what it takes to create a vision and truly live it. She brilliantly communicates, guides, and shares what it takes to be a successful, conscious creator. Birdlight is unique, as Robin explores creativity through the meanings, messages, and stories of birds. This transformational book is for anyone who has a desire to create their dream project – and dream life. A highly uplifting read!

– Peggy McColl New York Times Best-Selling Author

Robin Blackburn McBride is a passionate writer and coach who truly understands the creative process. Birdlight is a must-read for anyone seeking access to the immensity of their own creative power and the ability to bring it into form with grace.

– Rodney Flowers International Best-Selling Author of Get Up! and Essential Assertions

In Birdlight, author Robin Blackburn McBride pulls back the curtain on the process by which creativity “works,” masterfully weaving poems, folk tales, and art into her stories to simultaneously transport and transform her reader. If you’re yearning for fulfillment and purpose through achievement, I highly recommend this thought-provoking and practical book.

– Mick Petersen International Best-Selling Author of Stella and the Timekeepers