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Thanks for dropping by! Here you’ll find all sorts of insights into the creative process…

…along with tools to boost your own creative powers, tips for applying creativity to all areas of your life, news on related research results, inspirational stories, and more.

And once a month, I interview another expert in the field of creativity (or dream-building, or some other related topic) and post it right here for you.

Hopefully what I share here appeals to any person who can sense a strong desire for greater creative fulfillment … even in the face of their own (perceived) challenges like:

  • Feeling drained and unfulfilled in their job
  • Feeling over-extended at home with the demands of family
  • Feeling insecure about perceived ability limits and, perhaps, due to past experiences of rejection and failure
  • Feeling frustrated at having given up on (or simply “set aside”) a former creative dream
  • Feeling too old to develop new skills and/or start a new venture

Of course, there are many other possible “hurdles” to creativity. That’s why I so enjoy helping people drill down to their REAL challenges – the ones that lie deep down where we seldom look.

And while I focus primarily on helping people create through the arts … the principles, strategies, and techniques I use and teach can always be used successfully in other areas too, like in parenting, business, health and wellness, and more.

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