Here’s what people are saying about Robin’s Transformational Coaching and Workshops:

Testimonials on Coaching with Robin

“I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work with her. I think she’s a fantastic coach, and anybody who is able to have her giving her energy toward their dream is very fortunate. I’m very excited about the results I am getting so far already!”

Mary Caird

“I completed the 12-week DreamBuilder Program with Robin and found the experience so rewarding that I decided to go through the entire 12-week program a second time. The first time through put me back in touch with my lifelong dream of writing a novel – and the second time is helping me make that dream a reality. I really enjoy the weekly routine of listening to an insightful audio presentation, completing the thought-provoking workbook exercises, and then reflecting on the week’s lessons with Robin during our weekly phone call. She is such a thoughtful listener and inspirational coach.”

Catharine F. Teacher, Writer, Dream Builder

“Coaching with Robin is like obtaining my own little piece of grace … Robin’s approach is gentle, but she stretches you … Robin has made a huge difference in my life, and for that I am eternally grateful. And I look forward to continuing my work with her … very excited to see what’s coming about, because the items on my Vision list are starting to come true.”

– Dr. Karen Stillman

Before I began working with Robin, I found myself lacking clarity and confidence in some key areas of my life. Engaging with her in a powerful coaching structure provided the perfect support I needed to up-level my whole experience. Now I am definitely using a new set of tools! My results continue to grow beautifully. Earlier in my life, romantic relationships had been difficult. Now I am dating someone so wonderful and special, and we connect on every level. As I re-read my vision on relationships, he fits my descriptions and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that he has come into my life. Robin helped me shift my thinking and believe things this wonderful are possible for me. I thank Robin so much for all the things she’s taught me to believe about myself and my life!

– R. L.

“I’m not exaggerating if I say that there was a ‘before Robin’ period and an ‘after Robin’ period … Working with Robin has eased the way I do things. This is no small feat! I’m very grateful for that. Robin is also intuitive. She tailor-makes her coaching to everyone. I felt very heard. Even within a group, there was a way of speaking to me; I felt seen and heard.”

– Simon Fortin

“I recently experienced the DreamBuilder Program with Robin Blackburn McBride. The twelve weeks were inspiring. I knew I needed to do some higher energy work so that I could move forward in my life. Robin’s structure, guidance and program really provided a foundation for me to launch my new life specifically in the area of career/creative expression. The tools I received are forever giving and something I can review and repeat to help me practice a new way of thinking and believing in myself. The tools really help me, even today, to work through my fears and self-doubt any time I need it. I’m still working through this process and I needed this so much to guide me through it. Thank you Robin!”

– Joanne Kane

“Robin is just so inspiring. The way that she covered the material — it really comes together so beautifully. It’s a structure, a system … It just feels right. What I also love is her stories! She knows how to put it all together so you can feel it in your heart. The stories inspire and make you feel like moving forward.”

– Deborah MacDonald

“Robin’s ability to story-tell, to synthesize information, and to guide me through abundance thinking really helped me to manifest what I wanted out of my life. I highly recommend Robin as your Life Coach if you’re serious about accelerating your dreams.”

– Cathy Ireland

“I did a 12-week session with Robin and it’s changed my perspective, it’s increased my awareness, and it’s given me the fuel that I need to do better …”

– Fabia Tremblay

“I think my main problem before I started working with Robin was that I was feeling stuck … I didn’t really have a plan of where to take my business … how my whole life was unfolding … how I was planning it. I’m realizing that although I thought I was complacent, through working with Robin I realize I’m not actually a complacent person. I’m actually really driven and motivated, and working with Robin was a great idea.”

– Sarah S.

“Robin is an excellent coach and I truly feel that I have changed for the better through working with her. I feel confident moving forward with the dream she helped me realize!”

– Diana Stepczuk

“Working with Robin through the Dream Building program has been such a transformational experience! I began with a sense that there was more to life than what I was experiencing, but I had no idea about where to focus my energy or how to rise to a higher level. Robin’s coaching resonates with me spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. Almost immediately, I was able to identify a vision for my life and take meaningful steps towards realizing that vision. Robin has a wealth of resources and suggestions to share, so that each week I felt inspired and energized to move forward. With her warm encouragement, skillful questioning, and wise counsel, Robin made this such a joyful and uplifting experience. I am incredibly grateful!”

– Marny Gibson

“Using Robin’s strategies, I’ve been able to build confidence and kick negative habits that were (unknowingly) holding me back for years. Her unrelenting support as a creative mentor has helped me dream bigger and realize the incredible potential the universe places right at our fingertips. Anyone wanting to develop the skills that make everything possible should definitely work with Robin.”

– Michael G.

“Like an eagle on the wing, Robin sees what most of us don’t. She instantly picked out patterns of behavior and certain beliefs I was clinging to that stood in my way, and has gently guided me out of those old habits, into taking concrete steps toward my dreams – in both my personal and professional lives.”

– H. Alexander, Photographer

Robin empowers you to think in ways that once seemed impossible. She brings out the extraordinary and guides you to beautifully rewire your brain – and this journey is incredibly fun!

– J. Henley

I’m so glad I started this coaching journey with Robin. In so many areas of my life I have been able to make huge strides. Coming off a serious, five-plus year addiction, I can now celebrate a new, clean life and experience each day, with Robin’s coaching. She has helped to remind me of my values and coach me in a gentle but firm way. I am so grateful for all she has done. My business has increased and continues to grow, my relationship with my wife and two wonderful children is strengthening each day, and I am more confident than I have ever been. I feel I have moved mountains and will continue to do so. Robin is a treasure and a rich blessing in my life.

– Jason Smidt

“I have worked with Robin over the last three months and have found her guidance and counseling tremendously beneficial in making me feel more confident, and aware of my paradigms. Her awareness and sensitivity make working with her a pleasure and I look forward to our meetings every week. I believe that I have learnt a huge amount during my time with her and look forward to learning more in our second program together.”

– Jason O.

“My thanks to Robin for helping me build a dream that is worthy of me! I have always believed that I could do anything, but I had so much trouble and frustration trying to figure out WHAT I wanted to do. Robin’s Vision Workshop really clarified this for me, and for the first time I feel energized and enlivened and excited about my dream – because I finally feel it aligns with ME, and is no longer what I think it “should” be. I am so glad to be coaching with Robin!”

– Crystal deNobrega

Testimonials on Robin’s Vision Workshop

“Somehow she had all those qualities of calm, serenity, focus, respect, and being able to keep your energy high. So they balanced out very, very well. It’s something I’m very grateful to be a part of … She definitely brings out the best of people.”

– Moses Kaulaity

“Thank you so much. At such a transitional time in my life, you’ve given me so much to think about – as well as tools and techniques I need for the journey ahead. I’m looking forward to it now.”

– Lindsay Mathias

“I love the way she talks … It just draws you in … It’s the first Vision Workshop I’ve attended by Robin, and it won’t be the last.”

– Kate Cayetano

“Very inspiring! You really make me think and dream and believe everything is possible.”

– Helen Shumilova

“Thank you Robin for a wonderful workshop. I love the concepts you introduced today and I can feel myself moving to a new level of growth!”

– Bonnie Chan

“I don’t believe in coincidences. I am in a moment where my life needs guidance and action to make my dream real. Robin’s seminar shouted once more my beliefs and motivated me to continue my journey and work with passion to accomplish it!”

– Paula Delgado

“Robin’s Vision Workshop has been one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended, and I have been to many!”

– A. Hinds