Be Who You Are. Love What You Do.

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About Robin Blackburn McBride

Start with the essential question: What would you love?

Who do you dare to be? What do you dare to do and experience in your one priceless, unrepeatable life?

Over the course of our work together you get clear. You get firmly rooted in your purpose: your unique answer to the question, “Why?”

Because the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of the questions we ask, I help you to ask questions that move you forward.

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Bridging the Worlds of Fiction Writing and Dream Building: An Author’s Life Lessons

Sandra Gulland certainly touched both the writer and the transformation coach in me. At the 2019 San Miguel Writers’ Conference, I attended a keynote address given by the American-born Canadian historical novelist. Gulland is the international best-selling author of the Josephine B. trilogy inspired by the life of Josephine Bonaparte, as well as other works … Continue reading “Bridging the Worlds of Fiction Writing and Dream Building: An Author’s Life Lessons”

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Dream Your Dream, Sing Your Song

Inside each one of us is an inner child who knows well why we are here and what we are about. The dreams we have in sleep are portals to that child, part of an ever-active inner guidance system that points us to our highest good. In this blog I share with you a recent … Continue reading “Dream Your Dream, Sing Your Song”

New Beginnings Journal photographer Josephine Wall via Robin-blackburn-mcbride

On New Beginnings

My thoughts, and a quoted passage that I love, for the start of a brand new year. Two keys for bringing your new vision into form:  WRITE DOWN YOUR DREAMS! Write your grand ideas and passions, your goals and your plans, and keep these love letters to your Future Self safely stored IN A JOURNAL. … Continue reading “On New Beginnings”