Sing the song you came to sing! Your life belongs to you.

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About Robin Blackburn McBride

Start with the essential question: What would you love?

Who do you dare to be? What do you dare to do and experience in your one priceless, unrepeatable life?

Over the course of our work together you get clear. You get firmly rooted in your purpose: your unique answer to the question, “Why?”

Because the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of the questions we ask, I help you to ask questions that move you forward.

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Bright Spirit: A Story of Overcomers--child-art

Bright Spirit: A Story of Overcomers

Martha (not her real name) was an expert at twirling circles on the concrete schoolyard we stood on together fleetingly that fall. On Halloween, she was a princess. On most other days, a serious painter. When I met her back in 1990, three years before I earned my teaching degree, while working as a paraprofessional … Continue reading “Bright Spirit: A Story of Overcomers”