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Pause for a Poem: On the Beach with My Daughter

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  We are collectors on the beach. We walk with our heads bowed to small stones and debris in step our white bones hidden, softly moving.   On the shore are fragments of other travellers. We bend to lift them from the wet sand, our fingertips delicately working while our eyes examine angles of the … Continue reading “Pause for a Poem: On the Beach with My Daughter”

Daphne du Maurier: Magic & the Shaping of a Writer

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Daphne-du-maurier-magic-letters-&-shaping-a-writer-photo-by-remi-cribb-Cornish Sea Coast

In the summer of 1976, by childhood’s magic train, I went from reading L.M. Montgomery’s Anne books to Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. An old red copy at the cottage called me to pick it up, and when I opened it, the spell took hold…

Red Feather: On Creating, Healing, & Your Extraordinary Gifts

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Red Feather: On Creating, Healing, & Your Extraordinary Gifts

  A flicker sounds above me in a broken tree, an extraordinary bird well disguised among the ordinary. Flickers live in my urban neighbourhood, but only when I found one dead several years ago did I discover their subtle, breathtaking beauty. The little bird’s motionless presence in my yard compelled me: the fawn-and-white speckled breast; … Continue reading “Red Feather: On Creating, Healing, & Your Extraordinary Gifts”

Bright Spirit: A Story of Overcomers

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Bright Spirit: A Story of Overcomers--child-art

Martha (not her real name) was an expert at twirling circles on the concrete schoolyard we stood on together fleetingly that fall. On Halloween, she was a princess. On most other days, a serious painter. When I met her back in 1990, three years before I earned my teaching degree, while working as a paraprofessional … Continue reading “Bright Spirit: A Story of Overcomers”

3 Life Lessons from My Dad

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3 Life Lessons from My Dad

Recently, my father made his transition from this world ꟷ in the first month of a new year, and decade. His passing was not unexpected. One of the silver linings of a long-term illness is being reminded that we’re not here forever, and that it’s vital to cherish and grow with our loved ones while … Continue reading “3 Life Lessons from My Dad”

Self-Care Tips for the Holidays and Beyond

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Spirit Bright_ Holiday Self-Care for the Soul

  Self-care is about being true to the real you.  When you bring awareness and action to caring for your own soul, you help to raise the vibration on this planet. Use these tips to take care of yourself under pressure. They are for any time, not just holiday time.