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Coach With Robin

Coaching with Robin

Dial up your creativity in ANY situation and confidently face ANY challenge – whether as Executive, Artist, Business Owner, or Parent – with these Coaching Solutions from Robin Blackburn McBride…

“I’ve always been impressed with Robin’s unique talents and vision, her exceptional skills as a listener, speaker, and story teller, and her success as both an author and a remarkable teacher. So, when Robin became a certified coach, guiding people to build their dreams and seek personal transformation, I knew she had found a calling for which no one could be better suited.”

– Karen L. Jurjevich, Principal, Branksome Hall

  • If you dream of a more creatively fulfilling life yet struggle to get your dream off the ground, and make it reality…
  • If you’re an artist of any sort – working (or wanting to) as a painter, writer, or musician, for example – who has trouble getting the Muse to strike, and ideas to flow…
  • If you yearn to live more creatively and expansively … but just don’t know what steps to take…
  • If you’re ready to unleash your creative gifts and deepen your authentic sense of purpose, fulfillment, and meaning…

  …then you’ll find your solution below: The business owner who needs new ways of increasing traffic, sales, and margins … the sports coach who needs more creative ways to motivate her team … the parents who need more, and more creative, ways to overcome behavioral challenges with their children… And of course the visual artist whose ability to communicate their spirit to others DEPENDS on a never-ending search for better ways to say what we feel… ALL of us, sooner or later, need some help to take our powers of creativity to a higher level. Because, to paraphrase one particularly wise sage of yesteryear:

“We cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking

that got us into that problem in the first place!”

But very few of us can make the kind of changes necessary, to live a life of our own choosing and creation, without the help of some tremendous mentors and “support personnel” – I know I certainly couldn’t have! That’s why I’ve always made it a regular practice to study – and even be coached by – so many of the greatest luminaries in the human potential field, both living and dead.

What can a mentor do for you?

A mentor can help refocus your outlook on life and help you develop constructive thinking skills. Like me, you can learn to face your fears and overcome your obstacles, while learning to turn self-doubt into self-confidence. You can also establish a clear creative vision, and have a plan to realize it. Each investment I’ve made in personal development has been worth far more than I paid! Even when old fears and misgivings threatened to close in, I knew that committing to my own creative growth wasn’t selfish. In fact, it was just the opposite! In building a skill-set for living purposefully — and freeing my authentic creativity by living with a clarified mission — I received a gift I could share with others, and thereby spread around the world. And now I’d like to share this gift with you.

Coaching that's customized for your dream life

Let me, as a Certified Coach and Success Specialist with the Life Mastery Institute, share with you some very specific thinking tools, skills, and practices that will help you ignite a fire under your DREAM! Begin getting more of what you want, sooner and easier than you may have once believed possible – whether in finances, health, relationships, career, or any other area of Life. You are unique. You are unlimited. You are ready to discover the next steps on your path. • If you know deep down you want something more out of life, but don’t know where to begin… • If you’ve tried to make changes in the past, without sustainable results… • If you have a specific goal or dream, but don’t know how to achieve it… You CAN achieve anything you seriously want. Guaranteed. Working directly with me in one of my coaching programs, you will enjoy all the support and motivation you need! Let’s chat and immediately put you into the perfect program designed to guide you into your success.

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And as a special “Thank you” for the help, you’ll qualify for a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your vision, review your current plan for achieving it, and determine what you best next steps are. Just click the button on the right, and we will speak soon. I look forward to helping you step into this new phase of YOUR life! Blessings,