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About Robin

Coaching with Robin

“Robin is so impressively grounded, and really knows how to prioritize – she’s passionate about the things that count, and lets the small stuff just wash over her. She is also highly intelligent, articulate, and very witty.”

– Karen Fabian, English Teacher

Wondering what makes the ideal coach for anyone who is passionate about bringing out, developing, and APPLYING their creative abilities … who would like to increase or refine both their “vision” and results?

And how can any one coach be so relatable to so many people from so many backgrounds?

Meet Robin

“I believe every one of us is born with an unlimited supply of Creativity…”

…But outside influences can quickly stifle our imagination, whittle away at our confidence, and effectively clip our creative wings. It was this way with me, for a time.

Yes, I’ve faced my share of challenges over the years, just like you.

I’ve been shackled by the frustration of living with unrealized dreams … and known fear, doubt, overwhelm, worry, and self-sabotage. Like you perhaps, I’ve had the Muses take a vacation as the pressures of “Life” pinched-off the flow of fresh ideas, and I began losing touch with the artist inside.

I have also experienced the tremendous joys of transformation. And learned from both the good AND the bad. And once I discovered how to apply the lessons I had learned along the way to not just my “art” but to EVERY area of my life…

Well, that’s when Life itself began to get easier … I became more inspired, productive, and fulfilled – both in my art and otherwise … and solving the many challenges Life throws our way became an exciting pursuit instead of an ordeal, as it used to be.

And now my passion and profession are one-and-the-same:

…helping other people discover – or UNcover – their own artistry and calling, get their creative juices flowing, and apply this part of their mind and spirit to ANY situation or area of their life they choose, so they can experience the same sort of transformation for themselves.

As a Transformation Coach specializing in Dream Building, Creativity, and RESULTS, absolutely nothing lights me up, or causes me to feel complete, more than this does.

Because, when we ignite the fire of a dream – say “YES!” to it, and truly dare to follow it – more, and even greater, dreams emerge. They become gifts not only to ourselves, but for others.

Off to a creative start...

Born into a family of avid readers, teachers, musicians, artists, and storytellers in mid-sixties Toronto, my love of the arts – and, by extension, “creativity” – came naturally, and I always wrote and performed anything I could from elementary school right through university.

Over the years, I built up a rather varied multi-disciplinary arts background … with experience in writing, visual art (drawing, painting, and collage), music (singing, musical theatre, violin), and theatre (as an actress).

I majored in Drama at the University of Toronto, and subsequently earned degrees in English and Education. Not surprisingly, I worked as a professional actress before becoming a teacher (at one of Canada’s premier private schools).

And Teaching has been my profession ever since – for more than two decades now, in fact!

Some of my most profound and beautiful moments therefore have involved helping others build confidence and tap into their own genius – to set goals, and develop not only their dreams but the skills and belief to achieve them.

I’m also a life-long learner, and an insatiable student!

I’ve been studying personal development for more than two decades … having trained with some of the best in the field like Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Peggy McColl, and Derrick Sweet.

Live it ... breathe it ... teach it

As an author of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry – as well as a transformation coach and mentor, of course – I live in the creative process every day.

I know the freedom and growth that come from heeding the call to live your dream…

…and I know the frustration and emptiness that can swallow you up when you don’t.

So if you’re contemplating any sort of mid-life shake-up, I want you to know: I’ve made that leap of Faith myself – leaving a well-established “secure” career to go out on my own at mid-life as a writer and coach.

I know how you feel because I’ve been there and felt that way too.

And now I find the greatest thrill in Life is helping others – young and old, women and men, artist and executive – find their passion, and tap into their creativity, to live their dreams. I love teaching the skills that help you bridge the gap between your present circumstances and the realization of your vision.

To get on-track creatively, to feel fulfilled, and manifest your dreams … to create balance in your life and work, to allow your creativity to flow … to become an even greater contributor, a more inspired, expansive version of yourself – living Life fully, and both experiencing and SPREADING Joy wherever you go.

“When people line up their experience with their true purpose… it can have such a profound healing effect on many levels.”

This has become a sort of mantra for me and my students. But it can only happen to a significant degree when you can fully express yourself, and set your creative nature free.

I look forward to helping you step into this new phase of YOUR life!