In Green

Poetry by Robin Blackburn McBride


In Green

Guernica, 2002

From the back cover:

Robin Blackburn’s poems move through family mythologies, shifts and mysteries. Connections and disintegrations both form and reform the figures depicted. Characters refuse burial. Images of breaking and mending, stories of exile, return, and metamorphosis are ruminations on the nature of life, love and living memory in a world of change. Passion is the constant in these visions.

Illustration by Hono Lulu

$12 Canada

$10 U.S.A.

ISBN 1-55071-154-7

…And she smiles
as though their wings were hers
sprung hard and sudden
through a weightless skin


determined blooms
in the white heat,
color shot through this ending
like laughter.
Like you, love.

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