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Robin Borrego Springs A Place to Create

Throughout time and in countless stories, the Creative Seeker upholds a vision, sets a course, and persists through obstacles. Often a desert serves as both a testing ground and a place of revelation. Conditions may be rough, the landscape barren. Yet in heeding the call to adventure – in seeking to make a Dream into Reality – the quester discovers real and abiding beauty. In the process of consciously creating and serving a vision of the Life we feel called to live, regardless of present conditions, we become stronger, more joyful, better versions of ourselves.

During the months and years leading up to my own recent transformation at mid-life, I’ve found myself drawn to the deep quiet of desert landscapes. For me, the North American Southwest is a place of restoration – for dreaming with my eyes open. It’s a place for introspection, inspiration, and clarity: for communion with the voice inside, and with surroundings so vast that one is tangibly reminded of being a part of something far greater than the self.

For me, the desert is also about the experience of simply being. Stripped to the bare essentials of good drinking-water, suitable clothes and shoes, a pen and journal, and awareness, experience quickly becomes expansive. We make the larger Self welcome.

Each of us is connected to a vast source of creativity and inner knowing. We are inseparable from it, from one another, and from all of Life. Intuitively, and regardless of how daunting the wide world may seem at times, we know that inside each of us is a greater version, ever seeking to emerge.

We are beings designed to grow.

When there is constriction, a sense of being drained and out of alignment with a core purpose – when we’re creating by default and not by design – then it’s time to find that sacred place for communion. Better yet, we can find that place each day: and it doesn’t need to be a desert.

In a big city, where I’ve lived and worked my whole life, I’ve learned that I MUST give myself a time and place for visualizing my dream, setting clear intentions, and writing daily. When I come to this “place” in the early morning, the day just flows more easily.

We don’t have to go far to tap into intuition, clear-sightedness, and a sense of purpose. A table in the study becomes a place to dream. A walk through city streets can reconnect each of us with our distinct creative call. Some of the most expansive moments and sparks of insight may come in coffee shops. A quiet sit in a city park or by the edge of a ravine, the warmth of a pre-dawn hour spent in a cozy reading chair envisioning the life you dare to imagine: the love and works you long to create while you are here – here, in this beautiful moment we call a human life – these are defining acts.

You are the only one to set your course.

But you don’t have to go it alone.

I am so happy and grateful to welcome you to my new blog, Creative Calls. It’s part of a new website which, until a very short while ago, didn’t exist. I dreamed it up – just as I dreamed up the life I am living now: one of absolute dedication to helping people just like you create a life they would LOVE to live. And it’s my heartfelt wish that this site and blog may serve you as a creative place of restoration and inspiration – a call to take time for YOU, to create YOUR vision, and to take action for YOUR best version of your life.

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  1. Your blog, especially “A Place to Create”, was a great. Your reflections on creativity might replace coffee as the perfect start to my writing day!

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