Honour Your Discontent

This week’s post comes, in part, from the Life Mastery Institute. I share it with you in recognition that when we acknowledge and trust the voice of inner knowing, we’re on our way to finding our right direction.

In my workshops, people often are relieved to reframe their experience of longing and discontent. Instead of fearing and resisting those feelings, they learn to listen to, and act upon, their own Inner Guidance.

Consider the domains of full-spectrum wealth: Health, Relationships, Time and Money Freedom, and Vocation. Creativity runs through all of them. In which area of your life do you long for a different experience right now? In which domain do you feel unrest and struggle?

Now employ the Law of Opposites.

When you clearly identify the area where you feel stuck, imagine the opposite condition. What situation would free you? See it. Fully sense it. Emotionalize it.

Create a Vision of what you would love.

In this way, your longing becomes your treasure map, and the real Treasure is within You.

Here is the Life Mastery Institute post:

We don’t always know what our life’s purpose or journey is supposed to be, or we may have so many dreams we are overwhelmed with them all.  However, one thing is for sure: if we are feeling restless or discontent we are not living our dreams!  Feelings of discontent and longings for something else, even when we don’t know for sure toward what we are being drawn, are actually calls to pursue our greater good.  We discover true desire by first noticing discontent.


When you experience discontent or feel restless and you’re not sure why, don’t shut it out just because you don’t know what it means.  When you shut off your yearnings you become numb and paralyzed to create something more interesting.  Bring those inner rumblings to the front of your mind for examination.  These rumblings are nudging you toward a more meaningful existence and urging you not to settle for mediocrity.  By opening yourself up to them for examination you are allowing your discontent to lead you toward your purpose.


We also need to be aware of messages from those around us and not let others criticize us into shutting down our dreams, or even our discontent.  Restlessness is our Higher Self speaking to us, telling us there is more out there and we are not here to lead limited, cramped lives.  Allow that voice to be louder and ring truer than anyone else’s.  We are not here to settle for less than our purpose, nor should we settle for what anyone else limits us to.  Each and every one of us has infinite potential for creating whatever it is we want to create.


Dreams and desires pull at us, tug at us, speak to us, and will not leave us alone because we are not meant to live cramped lives.  Let these inner frictions rub until they create the spark that will ignite the fire of your own purpose.  You will know when your desire is sincere when just talking about it gives you energy and incites motivation in you, even when fruition is far off.  Harness your positive energy to partake in the plan that is in store for you.  In doing so, you will be honouring your discontent and letting it lead you to your greater good.

To Your Best Life,


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2 thoughts on “Honour Your Discontent

  1. Sometimes it takes a jolt or unexpected action for us to allow ourselves to follow our dreams. It’s hard to get out of the rut sometimes but when circumstances give us the opportunity, we should take it.

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