The Freedom of Space: Part 1

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Happy New Year!

As I reflect on last year’s many gifts and lessons, and gaze into the vastness of our next tour around the sun, what stays with me is this: dream building is sacred work.

Deep-seated dreams are not gratuitous. They’re not “fluff” – the stuff of insubstantial wishing. They’re not born of greed, or shallowness, or self-centeredness.

Our deeper dreams come from Spirit.

Dream building is about aligning with one’s purpose, with the Soul.

The question, “What would you love?” is really this: What is Love seeking to manifest through You?

So easily, the self-protective ego can doubt the answer – and the question itself. In our culture, it’s easy to laugh them both off.

We forget that the Higher Self doesn’t beg such a reaction. On the contrary.

We need only listen, feel, and see into our Dream – into Love particularized uniquely in each of us, living fully and on purpose.

So what would You Love?

Answering may require courage. It may also bring tremendous relief. And joy!

As you step into the New Year, here are some strategies I find useful for opening into a clearer, brighter, more spacious state for dream building.

1. Begin by already being the person you dream of being.

Most of us were conditioned growing up that in order to “be someone,” we must first have something. (That is to say, we must first have the time, the pedigree, the graduate degree, the life partner, the money, the house, the car, the approval of others, etc.) Only then, the reasoning goes, are we in a position to do something “great” (fill in the blank).

One of the most powerful of the dream-building principles I have learned is this. When we change the order of “have, do, be,” to “be, do, have,” we begin to unlock our true potential.

Begin by being the person you wish to be right now. Imagine the feeling of having accomplished your dream, and let that feeling fill you. Feel that you are enough – that you are loved and Love itself, and you are whole.

In a calm, confident state of feeling fulfilled, take action for your dream. Trust that as you do, what you have will be increased. Better yet, you will grow in the process. As my teacher Mary Morrissey says, “Dreams are not meant for getting. They’re meant for growing.”

Who you become in the process of dream-building is the greatest gift of all.

2. Set a course for expansion, not contraction.

Be who you are called to be. Set your state by seeking experiences that feel most expansive and free-making. What activities and practices expand you? What thoughts help you to feel most alive? What people and places bring out the best in you?

Learn to notice when you are in a contractive state, and interrupt it by choosing to be expansive.

Transformational author Barbara DeAngelis sums this up beautifully in her book, Soul Shifts: “Choices for expansion are always soul choices. They create space for the Highest in you to emerge. They have expansive consequences, not only for you, but for everyone around you. When you expand you are a gift to the world.”

3. Create the space you desire (and require) to live your Dream.

Two essentials:

a) Make “calendarize” a verb to live by. Create space in your day, week, month, and year, by prioritizing and scheduling time to serve your Dream. This can be as basic as scheduling daily meditation, journaling, and “gratitude time” to raise your state. It can also be as elaborate as creating 90-day plans with actionable goals, events, and desired experiences.

b) Create space in your home and office by releasing what no longer serves, and setting the intention to call in what you desire. Freedom, in part, means being open to the guidance required to accelerate growth. It’s difficult to be open in an atmosphere of clutter. Clearing space physically and energetically invites a greater state of flow. Look for more on this in my next blog post.

If you are eager to begin, start by clearing away the holiday decor and (note to self) tidying up! As you do, take stock of all your many reasons to be grateful. Dare to vision!

For guidance on the visioning process, you may wish to revisit older blog posts here at Creative Calls.

This is the perfect time to accelerate your dream building process. Contact me to inquire about workshops and coaching.

Make 2016 the best year ever!


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