Create Your Future on a Walk

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Last week I began a series on the power of Vision Walks in the creative process. I discussed Vision Walk #1: how we can form generative questions and literally call in the information we seek. There are at least two other ways to combine walking with a form of visioning… Vision Walk #2, Create Your Future … Continue reading “Create Your Future on a Walk”

Angels Whisper… on a Walk

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Many of us know stories of great artists, philosophers, innovators, and other prolific contributors who’ve made walking part of a daily routine. In his highly readable book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, author Mason Currey details the quotidian structures adhered to by a variety of creative thinkers at the frontiers of their chosen fields. Currey’s list … Continue reading “Angels Whisper… on a Walk”

Your Power of Awareness

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Desert Labyrinth

Cultivated Awareness is a living channel to Conscious Creativity. We may know this intuitively, from experience, or from a range of other sources. We also know the creative process is one of challenges. With Awareness, we can transform what initially may seem like insurmountable obstacles, into profoundly expansive Creative Gifts. Brain research tells us that … Continue reading “Your Power of Awareness”

Looking Toward the All

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Looking at the All

Anything that exists in nature vibrates in a particular pattern. We humans are vibrational beings. With awareness, we can learn to recognize our current feeling tone as the “vibe” or frequency of the moment. Many consciously creative people make a habit of “dialing up” the frequency of gratitude in the early morning. Like attracts like. … Continue reading “Looking Toward the All”