Elevate and Celebrate Your Life on a Walk: Part 2

Welcome back! Last week in Part 1 on creating a recorded Elevation Script for a Vision Walk, I left you with two questions to ponder: What would you Love? and What is your Why? The first question points to your passion, the second to your sense of purpose.

Passions can change throughout the evolution of a complex human life. Purpose, on the other hand, is a constant which reveals itself when we decide to pay attention.

Those two questions of passion and purpose remain open, and also paramount, when we resolve to consciously create from a Vision.

We can begin to know our Dream more clearly each time we experience discontent and choose to not stay stuck in it.

Longing is a gift when it’s a catalyst for positive change. It’s a sign that says, “You are here,” and adds, “So what are you going to do about it? (Wink.)” Longing is a bright arrow that shows the way.

This week, Part 2 is about creating and using your Elevation Script – that is, shifting from anything that feels “sticky” in the land of current circumstances, to a higher place of clarity and Vision. In this process, you learn to be the next best version of you, regardless of the present facts.

Here we go…

  • Create a Vision of the Life you long to live and put a year on it. Is this your experience of 2016? 2018? 2020? You decide what timing feels right to you. The key is to imagine your ideal Life is already happening. Your Vision is of a future present. You impress it upon your subconscious mind effectively when you use the present tense.
  • Create a Life in your imagination that is your Dream Life, and see and feel its various sparkling facets: great health (a desire we all share!); loving connections and relationships with others, and also with the Earth; a flow of abundance in the most valuable of currencies, your time, and in your money which helps you to give and create on purpose; and of course, in your creative contribution (vocation).
  • See yourself as a GIVER in all of those areas. Behold yourself as a person connected with your Source, whatever that means to you. We can find great comfort and strength in connecting with a Higher Power. Being in Nature often helps me with the Visioning process.
  • Write your Vision in your journal, and be luxurious with your words. Invite your language to be uplifting and specific, and spend words freely. As you write, infuse your present-tense description of your Dream Life with GRATITUDE. (Find more on that subject here.)
  • Begin many sentences with, “I am so happy and grateful now that…” and don’t attempt to write a work of great literary merit. Your script can be repetitive. Repeat: It can be repetitive!!

A quotation from the Indian spiritual text, Upanishads, comes to mind: “Abundance is scooped from abundance, yet abundance remains.” Fall in love with your Vision. Give thanks for it! Enjoy your words and give them freely and generously to your description, and more ideas will come to you.

This work is for your eyes and ears only. It’s for your subconscious mind, which you “reprogram” by repeating and emotionally connecting with your uplifting Vision. Emotionalized REPETITION is key to changing the habitual thoughts you’ve been creating from.

Once you have words on paper, bring the sound of your own Voice to your Dream.

I’ve worked with various coaches who each recommend listening to a script on a daily basis. Big thanks to Peggy McColl, Bob Proctor, Derrick Sweet, and of course, Mary Morrissey. Every professional has a distinctive way of creating a recorded message. From intuition and a composite of approaches I’ve developed my own way, and I encourage you to experiment and find yours. What follows is a suggestion.

From my written Vision I distill key points which I then type, print, and use as prompts. I don’t actually “script” my Elevation Script; I voice it freely and spontaneously from the points I’ve set down. For me speaking naturally into the phone recorder, as opposed to reading aloud, keeps the experience fresh and vivid. I feel like a bird in flight.

When I create freely, connecting emotionally – authentically – with Voice and Vision, I soar.

Record your Vision and listen to it each day on a walk (being mindful of volume and traffic of course). You can listen while you do other things, too, like working out at the gym, or relaxing in a comfy chair. You can play your recording while you wash dishes.

Listening on a walk is a bonus! A suggestion from one who’s loving summer.



P.S. The Creative Calls Vision Walk Series is now complete. Find Vision Walk #1 here and #2 here. Today’s post rounds out a double on Vision Walk #3. Onward!

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