Elevate and Celebrate Your Life on a Walk: Part 1

As I begin this third installment in the Creative Calls Vision Walk Series, I’d like to emphasize there is no substitute for a good old-fashioned, clear-the-head kind of walk. In fact, I’ve just returned from one!

So when I write to you about walking and visioning, know it’s in the spirit of “both and” – meaning there are various options to explore in a daily walk practice, and we can employ them all at different times if we choose. We can also combine techniques on a single expansive and uplifting stroll to enhance our conscious creativity.

Here are links to the first two Vision Walks in the series: #1) A Walk to Call in Creative Solutions, and #2) A Walk to Mentally Rehearse a Future Memory. Of course, many more possibilities exist, and I welcome your comments below.

The focus of this two-part post is Vision Walk #3 which harnesses the power of audio in service of your Dream. Call it a “Sound and Vision Elevation Walk” – and cue David Bowie if you like! Here you utilize a cellphone superpower: the voice recorder.

How comfortable are you in listening to the sound of your own recorded voice? For many of us, the experience is a tad cringe-worthy at first, and that discomfort is completely normal. Yet for this activity I encourage you to get past a natural aversion and normalize your experience of hearing yourself speak.

Here’s why.

Listening to your own recorded messages, repeatedly, is a powerful tool for replacing old, limiting subconscious thought patterns. By adulthood (indeed, even early childhood) we’ve all developed a set of limiting thoughts and beliefs which function collectively like a magnet in attracting our experiences. Unnoticed and unaddressed, those old conditioned patterns can keep us “living small,” experiencing fear-based, condition-driven lives that don’t measure up to our true heart’s desires.

Up until now, it’s very likely that your subconscious conditioning has held you back from fully living the life you dream of.

When you vocalize positive statements and listen to them repeatedly, the thoughts and images you express become transformers. They act as creative confidence-builders, and confidence is essential in consciously living by design.

Your daily deliberate, positive messaging practice eventually replaces your old beliefs. And the process alters your internal “magnet” (known as a paradigm in the language of personal development) to the point where the shift creates conditions for new growth. You step into your Vision by simply attracting from a higher place.

Of course you and I both know that “simple” doesn’t always mean easy.

Before you can record your script for the Elevation Walk, first you must define your Vision – and that is no mean feat.

I can’t possibly do justice to describing the process of arriving at a Vision for your Elevation Walk in one blog post, but I can leave you with something essential to think about before you read the next one.

I invite you to set an intention to align with your authentic sense of Purpose and Joy. Ask yourself this: What would you Love?

Give time and space to this activity and see what comes.

Do your ideas flow? Do you feel stuck? Treat that question as all-important, because it truly is.

You can invite ideas in the specific domains of health and well-being, relationships, creative calling (vocation), financial freedom, and any other categories that feel important to you. You can write ideas down in your journal, and also (if you like) experiment at recording thoughts on your phone and listening to what arises. Getting used to recording can be a warm-up for next time, when I give you more detailed instructions for creating your Elevation Script.

Here is one more question to think about: What is your WHY?

Why are you here on the planet at this time? Why is it so important to clarify your Purpose and Vision, and to build your Dream? Repeating that question, living with it, is a starting-point in finding direction.


P.S. Want support in discovering and building your dreams? In between my coaching and speaking schedule, I carve out a few strategy sessions each month.  If you would like a complimentary strategy session (Value = $250), simply contact me here.

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