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Accessing Your Genius

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Weeks ago, in a moment of serendipity, I met a young mother and her four-month-old baby whose tiny hand is now featured in the photograph above. I explained to the little girl’s mother that I’d been looking for a baby picture for my blog. We chuckled as I did my best to capture anything in … Continue reading “Accessing Your Genius”

What Would You Love?

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What would you love in the area of vocation and creativity? You may respond in a flash. Or, like many people, you may not have a ready answer. In working with clients, workshop participants, and countless classes of teenagers over the years, I’ve discovered the reply to this most basic of questions does not always … Continue reading “What Would You Love?”

Activating Your Abundance

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This week’s post comes from the Life Mastery Institute. In sharing this message with you, I am reminded that abundance takes many forms. Think about your potential for creative contribution, glowing health, beautiful relationships, service and generosity, home and workplace harmony, time and money freedom, and your journeys on the earth. Think about your natural … Continue reading “Activating Your Abundance”

The Power Within You

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Today’s message comes from my mentor Mary Morrissey’s Life Mastery Institute, and I share these words in the spirit of gratitude. Learning to access and consciously direct your creative power is key to bringing your Vision into Reality… I’ve heard it said that some people live ninety years and others live one year ninety times. … Continue reading “The Power Within You”

Your Power of Awareness

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Desert Labyrinth

Cultivated Awareness is a living channel to Conscious Creativity. We may know this intuitively, from experience, or from a range of other sources. We also know the creative process is one of challenges. With Awareness, we can transform what initially may seem like insurmountable obstacles, into profoundly expansive Creative Gifts. Brain research tells us that … Continue reading “Your Power of Awareness”

The World of “Both And”

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The World of “Both And”

  One of the most liberating ideas I’ve come across over years of nurturing dreams is the notion that “both and” trumps “either or”. In the World of Either Or, people with deep-seated, creative longings don’t allow themselves to dream – or if they do, they do so painfully, as unheeded calls and unfulfilled dreams … Continue reading “The World of “Both And””