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3 Life Lessons from My Dad

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3 Life Lessons from My Dad

Recently, my father made his transition from this world ꟷ in the first month of a new year, and decade. His passing was not unexpected. One of the silver linings of a long-term illness is being reminded that we’re not here forever, and that it’s vital to cherish and grow with our loved ones while … Continue reading “3 Life Lessons from My Dad”

Ways of Being Free Part 2: Overcome this Pair of Pitfalls

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In my coaching practice, I see two very common reasons why people get stuck in the dream-building process. Fall into one or both of these ruts, and you will keep the manifestation of your heart’s desires at a distance. That is why it’s important to recognize and overcome this pair of pitfalls. Pitfall #1: Feeling … Continue reading “Ways of Being Free Part 2: Overcome this Pair of Pitfalls”

On The Shining Fragments Book Launch

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The Shining Fragments Book Launch-At the Art house cafe ottawa

It is a myth that a novelist works entirely alone. While it is true that in visioning and authoring a book, certain hours must be solo, if anything, the process leads to greater human connection. As I wrote The Shining Fragments, again and again the journey of knowing the story’s central character, Joseph Conlon, and his … Continue reading “On The Shining Fragments Book Launch”

Clarity: Your Top-5 Core Values “Palette” Revealed

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Top-5 Core Values image via luis-del-rio-camacho

Great painters know the importance of selectively limiting a palette in order to achieve both unity and mastery in a work of art. It’s no different when it comes to painting on the canvas of our lives. You and I have the potential to create experiences which are truly works of art. Do that repeatedly, … Continue reading “Clarity: Your Top-5 Core Values “Palette” Revealed”

A Person of Increase

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The term “person of increase” comes from Wallace Wattles who, at the turn of the 20th century, looked upon abundance and affluence from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. Wattles urges each of us to know and remember, “You are a creative center, from which increase is given off to all.” He advises to hold … Continue reading “A Person of Increase”

Carolyn Flower on Gratitude’s Power

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As I was preparing to post this week’s new Creative Calls Interview, I came across apt lines by Melodie Beattie: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life… [It] makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” This week my guest is Carolyn Flower, a woman who epitomizes what it … Continue reading “Carolyn Flower on Gratitude’s Power”

Looking Toward the All

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Looking toward the All

Anything that exists in nature vibrates in a particular pattern. We humans are vibrational beings. With awareness, we can learn to recognize our current feeling tone as the “vibe” or frequency of the moment. Many consciously creative people make a habit of “dialing up” the frequency of gratitude in the early morning. Like attracts like. … Continue reading “Looking Toward the All”