2 thoughts on “Coming Home to Your Soul Audio

  1. Absolutely wonderful, Robin and thank you. I was feeling scattered and a little burned out from social media and from everything that’s happened during the virus outbreak. So this audio fits perfectly. I took this week to truly be, to reconnect with my soul. This is the message of my soul/intuition, to just be, slow down, there’s no hurry and no urgency. We rush headlong down the road of urgency and miss all the beautiful wildflowers along the way. I think that this is one of nature’s greatest gifts, slowing down enough to notice life blossoming. To notice life blossoming within us too, as part of nature, our minds, hearts and our beautiful soul connection and intuition. How intricate, beautiful and wondrous life truly is!

    1. Tricia, thank you. I’m so glad this recording resonates, and I appreciate you taking time to share your experiences here. How wonderful that your decision to slow down has led you to such gifts. I wish you continued joy in these moments of insight and meaningful connection.

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