Reading at the Art House Café

Photo of Robin Blackburn McBride by Katrina Wilcox

It was a pleasure reading an excerpt from my new short story, “The Berries,” at flo magazine’s launch party on Wednesday, March 29, 2023. We were celebrating Issue 03, “Trials,” which went to print in February. Despite snow and ice, the venue was packed.

Hearing other Ottawa-area writers share their published work, chatting about
the stories and poems in flo’s curent issue, and learning more about
the local arts community were, for me, highlights of the event. It was a
wonderful evening!

As usual, Ottawa’s Art House Café made for an inspiring atmosphere. It also
brought back happy memories, since it was here in 2018 that I launched my
novel, The Shining Fragments.

“The Berries” is a chapter from my forthcoming sequel, River of Dreams.

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