Ways of Being Free Part 2: Overcome this Pair of Pitfalls

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In my coaching practice, I see two very common reasons why people get stuck in the dream-building process. Fall into one or both of these ruts, and you will keep the manifestation of your heart’s desires at a distance. That is why it’s important to recognize and overcome this pair of pitfalls. Pitfall #1: Feeling … Continue reading “Ways of Being Free Part 2: Overcome this Pair of Pitfalls”

Ways of Being Free Part 1: Do the Work

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Ways of Being Free Part 1: Do the Work image of a beautiful flowering plant

Do you love what you’re doing these days? That is certainly my wish for you. If your answer is yes, and you’re anything like me, then most likely along the way you’ve given time and attention to personal development. If your answer is no, take heart. Now is the only time there is, and it’s … Continue reading “Ways of Being Free Part 1: Do the Work”

Trust Your Inner Child to Lead You: A Poem on Going Back to Go Forward

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trust-your-inner-child image of an old stump

I was reminded of this poem while planning my next post. It’s on navigating your personal history stories along the path to living a braver and more authentic and fulfilling experience. Trust your inner child to lead you, and in doing so, you will discover a vital way forward…

On Fiction, Dream Building and Meeting a Role Model

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Fiction, Dream Building -image by -jr-korpa

Sandra Gulland certainly touched both the writer and the transformation coach in me. At the 2019 San Miguel Writers’ Conference, I attended a keynote address given by the American-born Canadian historical novelist. Gulland is the international best-selling author of the Josephine B. trilogy inspired by the life of Josephine Bonaparte, as well as other works … Continue reading “On Fiction, Dream Building and Meeting a Role Model”

Dream Your Dream, Sing Your Song

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Dreamcatcher against a blue sky Dream your dream sing your song

Inside each one of us is an inner child who knows well why we are here and what we are about. The dreams we have in sleep are portals to that child, part of an ever-active inner guidance system that points us to our highest good. In this blog I share with you a recent … Continue reading “Dream Your Dream, Sing Your Song”

On New Beginnings

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New Beginnings Journal photographer Josephine Wall via Robin-blackburn-mcbride

My thoughts, and a quoted passage that I love, for the start of a brand new year. Two keys for bringing your new vision into form:  WRITE DOWN YOUR DREAMS! Write your grand ideas and passions, your goals and your plans, and keep these love letters to your Future Self safely stored IN A JOURNAL. … Continue reading “On New Beginnings”

The Stranger at the Door

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In December of 1938, a young woman returned home from the Plummer Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, with her two young children in tow. At twilight, the girl and boy played, oblivious to their mother’s agitated state as she moved through their snug rooms picking up toys, preparing supper, clearing a space at the … Continue reading “The Stranger at the Door”

On The Shining Fragments Book Launch

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The Shining Fragments Book Launch-At the Art house cafe ottawa

It is a myth that a novelist works entirely alone. While it is true that in visioning and authoring a book, certain hours must be solo, if anything, the process leads to greater human connection. As I wrote The Shining Fragments, again and again the journey of knowing the story’s central character, Joseph Conlon, and his … Continue reading “On The Shining Fragments Book Launch”

Confidence: Navigate Fear & Use this Technique to Help You Make Up Your Mind

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Confidence Navigate Fear & Use this Technique journal image

In the words of French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, you and I can think of ourselves as “spiritual beings on a human journey”. We navigate a world of duality. We know a thing by knowing its opposite. We know light by knowing dark. We know up by knowing down. This is the Law of … Continue reading “Confidence: Navigate Fear & Use this Technique to Help You Make Up Your Mind”

Some Thoughts on My Nana’s 102nd Birthday

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I feel deeply blessed to have just celebrated my Nana’s third birthday as a centenarian. It is a privilege to be in the presence of one who has come so far through time. Here she is with her father, circa 1922, beside their house on Oxford Street in London, Ontario. The last of three children, … Continue reading “Some Thoughts on My Nana’s 102nd Birthday”