The Stranger at the Door

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In December of 1938, a young woman returned home from the Plummer Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, with her two young children in tow. At twilight, the girl and boy played, oblivious to their mother’s agitated state as she moved through their snug rooms picking up toys, preparing supper, clearing a space at the … Continue reading “The Stranger at the Door”

On The Shining Fragments Book Launch

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The Shining Fragments Book Launch-At the Art house cafe ottawa

It is a myth that a novelist works entirely alone. While it is true that in visioning and authoring a book, certain hours must be solo, if anything, the process leads to greater human connection. As I wrote The Shining Fragments, again and again the journey of knowing the story’s central character, Joseph Conlon, and his … Continue reading “On The Shining Fragments Book Launch”

Confidence: Navigate Fear & Use this Technique to Help You Make Up Your Mind

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Confidence Navigate Fear & Use this Technique journal image

In the words of French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, you and I can think of ourselves as “spiritual beings on a human journey”. We navigate a world of duality. We know a thing by knowing its opposite. We know light by knowing dark. We know up by knowing down. This is the Law of … Continue reading “Confidence: Navigate Fear & Use this Technique to Help You Make Up Your Mind”

Some Thoughts on My Nana’s 102nd Birthday

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I feel deeply blessed to have just celebrated my Nana’s third birthday as a centenarian. It is a privilege to be in the presence of one who has come so far through time. Here she is with her father, circa 1922, beside their house on Oxford Street in London, Ontario. The last of three children, … Continue reading “Some Thoughts on My Nana’s 102nd Birthday”

Clarity: Your Top-5 Core Values “Palette” Revealed

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Top-5 Core Values image via luis-del-rio-camacho

Great painters know the importance of selectively limiting a palette in order to achieve both unity and mastery in a work of art. It’s no different when it comes to painting on the canvas of our lives. You and I have the potential to create experiences which are truly works of art. Do that repeatedly, … Continue reading “Clarity: Your Top-5 Core Values “Palette” Revealed”

Results: A Key Distinction and an Old Irish Story

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Success begets success. You don’t have to be a success coach or professional educator to know that when you achieve desired results your confidence grows, and very often, so does your success. Neuroscience shows us that when you and I feel successful, the chemical dopamine is produced in the body; this neurotransmitter, sometimes known as … Continue reading “Results: A Key Distinction and an Old Irish Story”

The Story Beyond the Book

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Story beyond the book-Revised-eagle-pg-birdlight-robin-blackburn-mcbride

“Build your faith in yourself, in whatever you conceive to be your creative source, and in the complete and perfect unfolding of your life.” – Birdlight: Freeing Your Authentic Creativity I stand by this message, which is as much a note to self as to anyone else. As I completed this book a little over … Continue reading “The Story Beyond the Book”

3 Empowering Ways to Increase your Confidence

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The focus of this second episode in my new vlog series is on confidence, and how you can continue to strengthen this vital element in the dream-building process. This post is on the power of connecting with your own sense of purpose and authenticity. Your unique character and calling. I encourage you to embrace being … Continue reading “3 Empowering Ways to Increase your Confidence”

Clarity: 3 Essential Shifts

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 The topic of clarity is near and dear to me, and it’s near and dear to the people who come into my coaching practice to work with me. Being clear and specific in our Vision is crucial to ANY of us working purposefully on ourselves and our lives in expansive and empowering ways. Why … Continue reading “Clarity: 3 Essential Shifts”