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The Stranger at the Door

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In December of 1938, a young woman returned home from the Plummer Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, gripping her children’s mittened hands. Inside the house, the girl and boy played, barely aware of their mother as she moved through the rented rooms—picking up toys, preparing supper, clearing a space at the table, and avoiding … Continue reading “The Stranger at the Door”

Results: A Key Distinction and an Old Irish Story

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Success begets success. You don’t have to be a success coach or professional educator to know that when you achieve desired results your confidence grows, and very often, so does your success. Neuroscience shows us that when you and I feel successful, the chemical dopamine is produced in the body; this neurotransmitter, sometimes known as … Continue reading “Results: A Key Distinction and an Old Irish Story”

The Story Beyond the Book

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Story beyond the book-Revised-eagle-pg-birdlight-robin-blackburn-mcbride

“Build your faith in yourself, in whatever you conceive to be your creative source, and in the complete and perfect unfolding of your life.” – Birdlight: Freeing Your Authentic Creativity I stand by this message, which is as much a note to self as to anyone else. As I completed this book a little over … Continue reading “The Story Beyond the Book”