Looking Toward the All

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Looking at the All

Anything that exists in nature vibrates in a particular pattern. We humans are vibrational beings. With awareness, we can learn to recognize our current feeling tone as the “vibe” or frequency of the moment. Many consciously creative people make a habit of “dialing up” the frequency of gratitude in the early morning. Like attracts like. … Continue reading “Looking Toward the All”

The World of “Both And”

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The World of “Both And”

  One of the most liberating ideas I’ve come across over years of nurturing dreams is the notion that “both and” trumps “either or”. In the World of Either Or, people with deep-seated, creative longings don’t allow themselves to dream – or if they do, they do so painfully, as unheeded calls and unfulfilled dreams … Continue reading “The World of “Both And””

A Place to Create

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Robin Borrego Springs A Place to Create

Throughout time and in countless stories, the Creative Seeker upholds a vision, sets a course, and persists through obstacles. Often a desert serves as both a testing ground and a place of revelation. Conditions may be rough, the landscape barren. Yet in heeding the call to adventure – in seeking to make a Dream into … Continue reading “A Place to Create”